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Boston struggles with increases in overdoses as a result of heroin as well as a high instance of the use of benzodiazepines. Opioids, prescriptionm drugs, and cocaine are also widely found corrupting the city much like the rest of the U.S. Sadly, the capital of Massachusetts is not imune to the widespread use of opiates that are causing overdose deaths to rise at alarming levels.

Boston, MA detox centers provide locals with access to withdrawal treatment that focuses on just about any type of addiction including methamphetamine, Oxycontin, heroin and alcohol. Use to find out how you can safely detox from drugs or alcohol at nearby Boston detox centers that provide quality, compassionate care to meet your needs

Boston Addiction Stats

  • Unintentional cocaine overdose rates are up as much as 41% in Boston.
  • More than 2,000 opiate overdoses occurred in Boston in 2016.
  • 44% of treatment admissions in Boston are the result of heroin addiction.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is caused by various factors including mental illness, underlying health conditions which lead to overprescribing or long-term use of prescription drugs, self-medicating, and even family history. Often times addiction leads to withdrawal which requires professional treatment in a detox center in order for a safe, effective transition into rehab.

Common signs of withdrawal include:

  • Feeling sick when drugs or alcohol are not used within a specific timeframe.
  • Feeling as if you can’t live without drugs or alcohol.
  • Cravings and a persistent nagging desire to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Spending more and more time looking for substances rather than focusing on other responsibilites.

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Habit OPCO

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Getting Help in Boston

Boston, MA features a wide range of treamtent options for those seeking help. Most detox centers accept major health insurance coverage and offer effective care for just about any type of addiction. For instance, consider Fenway Community Health Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Boston to help you or a loved one detox and break free from symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

Detox centers in Boston offer individualized treatment plans that are created especially for you or your loved one so that recovery is possible. Out caring substance abuse counselors at can help you find the best detox center based on your unique needs anytime.

Choosing From Many Boston Detox Centers

Before you decide on a detox center based solely on price or location, follow these tips when researching the many local Boston, MA detox centers available to help you:

  • Choose the Right Level of Care

    Inpatient drug or alcohol detox is ideal if you’re struggling with a hard to beat addiction to alcohol or opiates and require around-the-clock care. For easier to treat situations, outpatient detox could be beneficial to you.

  • Seek Treatment for Underlying Conditions

    More than half of all addicts struggle with an underlying mental health conditions or co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or other traumatic experience. Most Boston, MA detox centers will provide treatment for dual-diagnosis in which both conditions are treated simultaneously.

  • Consider Long-Term Care Options

    Detox is just the first step of many steps you will take to get sober. Look for detox centers that will provide you with a seamless transition into rehab when you’re physically ready to continue therapy and additional relapse prevention treatment.

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