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Kansas Detox Centers

Kansas offers visitors a multitude of attractions, from big-city excitement to natural wonders. Here you can ride horseback through cowboy country or gaze on a stunning field of blooming sunflowers—Kansas is known as the Sunflower State, after all. There are as many museums, symphonies and concerts to attend as there are scenic trails for hiking and biking.

Sadly, all the wholesome activities in the world are not enough to inoculate Kansas’s 2.9 million residents against the nation’s substance abuse epidemic—even though they might believe otherwise. A recent study showed that very few Kansans report suffering poor health, even though they have the same mortality rate from heart disease and cancer as the rest of the United States.

A positive attitude like that can be a wonderful thing, but not if it prevents you from getting the help you need. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, reach out to Addictions.com. We are committed to providing vital information about the many quality Kansas detox centers available throughout the state.

Kansas Addiction Stats

  • Binge drinking is on the rise among all age groups
  • 3% of teenagers report using inhalants one or more times in the past year
  • 174,000 residents age 12 and over abuse alcohol, a rate higher than the national average
  • 4% of adolescents age 12 to 17 report abusing prescription drugs
  • 55,000 individuals age 12 and older were addicted to or abused illicit drugs in the past year


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It’s natural to have doubts when it comes to a loved one’s substance abuse problem. They likely do their best to conceal their addiction from you, either to keep you from worrying, or to prevent you from trying to make them stop. However, there are signs that you can look out for, such as:

  • Unexplained mood swings
  • An increased number of physical complaints
  • Financial problems

No one ever sets out to become an addict. Some people fall into substance abuse accidentally, after failing to follow prescribing instructions for an opiate pain reliever. Many others drink or take drugs, not to get high, but to feel normal—they are self-medicating undiagnosed mental health issues, such as depression or a panic disorder. Once hooked, many people find themselves in peer groups that enable their addiction.

Kansas Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Kansas

There is no question that your quality of life suffers when you have a substance abuse problem. Kansans who abuse drugs and alcohol are unable to fulfill their true potential. Their performance at school or work rapidly declines, and the financial burden of maintaining a supply of drugs drives many to steal from loved ones or burglarize strangers.

Without proper treatment, addicts continue to suffer, and to feel helpless in the face of their craving for drugs. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that requires professional treatment to manage. At Addictions.com, we have the resources to connect you to the Kansas detox center that’s best for you, regardless of location, budget or goals.

Choosing From Many Kansas Detox Centers

When searching for a Kansas detox center, step one is to do your research. Educate yourself on the different kinds of detoxification treatments, so you’ll understand what it means when you hear that a particular center provides medication-assisted therapy, or supports detoxification through alternative treatments like massage.

  • Figure out what you’re dealing with

    The first step to figuring out which Kansas detox center is right for you is to find out what sort of detoxification is recommended for your specific addiction. Some drugs, such as barbiturates, can have dangerous withdrawal symptoms that should be monitored by medical professionals, and if you have been drinking a large amount of alcohol for a long time, you could potentially suffer from delirum tremens, a deadly form of withdrawal that also requires medical treatment.

  • Find people to hold you accountable

    If you choose an inpatient detoxification program, the staff will be there to make sure your brain and body gets clean from drugs and alcohol. If, however, you choose a Kansas detox center where you are living at home and getting treatment on an outpatient basis, relapsing is a much greater risk. Remove as much of that temptation as possible by asking family and friends for their support. Having someone looking over your shoulder might be annoying, but it might also be the key to your success.

  • Commit to whatever level of treatment you need

    If you discover that an addiction to your drug of choice is most successfully helped by a residential program where patients are immersed in treatment 24/7, don’t think that you can recover by skipping rehab and attending a 12-step meeting every few days. Commit to the kind of Kansas detox center that will work best for you, even if that means leaving your entire life behind for days, weeks, or longer. On the other hand, you might not need such an intensive level of treatment, so that an outpatient day program where you continue to live at home makes more sense. Be honest about what you need—too much or not enough treatment won’t pay off in the end.

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