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Living in Fort Wayne has its benefits, but one of them surely isn’t the terrible status of addiction and homelessness that has impacted the city. Heroin is a major concern in the city as Mexican drug cartels bring more and more of the drug in while police officials do everything they can to keep it out. Prescription drug abuse is also of major concern throughout the city.

Fort Wayne, IN detox centers are combatting the issue of drug and alcohol withdrawal by providing access to quality, effective treatment that helps users get sober, but less than 2% will actually seek treatment. Let guide the way to recovery by providing you with education and access to the treatment you or your loved one desperately needs.

Fort Wayne Addiction Stats

  • Women who suffer from addiction are provided special opportunities for treatment through the Division of Mental Health and Addiction in Fort Wayne.
  • The drug tast force has identified increasing heroin addiction and meth lab procedures throughout the city.
  • Heroin overdose deaths are up 10 times over the past decade and unintentional poisoning deaths increased by 500%.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The causes of drug abuse and addiction vary. The most common causes include:

  • Past family history of substance abuse.
  • Suffering from an illness or injury that requires long-term medication use.
  • PTSD, anxiety or other mental health conditions.

Fort Wayne, IN detox centers combat substance abuse and addiction by providing treatment for withdrawal. Programs generally offer care for:

  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances associated with withdrawal.
  • Upset stomach, nause or other opioid related withdrawal symptoms.
  • Mood changes, emotional imbalance or depression.
  • Drug or alcohol cravings.

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Parkview Behavioral Health

1720 Beacon Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Center for Behavioral Health IN Inc Outpatient Treatment

1414 Wells Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Bowen Center Otis R Services

2100 Goshen Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program Inc Recovery Center of AADP

2725 Maumee Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

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Getting Help in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is home to a number of treatment options that are available to serve local residents. Most Fort Wayne, IN detox centers accept health insurance coverage from major carriers such as Cigna or Aetna and if you purchased through the Marketplace you already have detox coverage.

For help in the area, consider a visit to Saint Joseph Health System LLC a Partnership with Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne. If you’re still confused on where to find the detox treatment that best suits you, let guide you through the process. Our caring counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Choosing From Many Fort Wayne Detox Centers

The overwhelming task of finding the best care for yourself or someone you love is clouded by your addiction and symptoms of withdrawal such as cravings or restlessness. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you find Fort Wayne, IN detox centers that are best for you:

  • Seek First to Overcome Physical Symptoms Then to Heal Psychologically

    Detox is the first step, and it will help you feel better, but emotionally you must deal with the underlying issues that led to your addiction. Following detox, be prepared to seek the help of a rehab center or support group.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Tap Into Your Deepest Emotions

    People often shun away from opening up and thinking about what ACTUALLY led them to drug or alcohol use, but this opening up, and tapping into your deep, dark emotions, is what can lead to lifelong recovery. Don’t be afraid—what you say to your counselor can be said in confidence and with absolute privacy.

  • Consider Long-term Care Options & Support

    Aftercare plays a vital role in your long term recovery. Long after you’ve left Fort Wayne, IN detox centers and have moved on, you should consider the support of a 12 step program such as NA or AA to keep you on a guided path to recovery success.

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