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Idaho Detox Centers

With a population of only 1.6 million, Idaho has a range of unspoiled landscapes to suit any outdoor adventure—rolling hills, rugged mountains, plains with wide-open spaces and verdant farmland, and plenty of lakes, rivers and hot springs. In addition to this abundance of natural beauty, Idaho has an affordable cost of living, low power rates, and excellent job growth. In 2012, the Kauffman Foundation ranked Idaho as the #1 Most Friendly State for Small Business.

Unfortunately, all the advantages in the world cannot shield a state from substance abuse problems. Idaho’s rate of drug and alcohol addiction is lower than the national average, but that doesn’t make the issue any less important to its citizens.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, you can find hope at a quality Idaho detox center near you. We at Addictions.com have the training, the resources, and the dedication to help you narrow down your choices and find the best detox program for your unique needs.

Idaho Addiction Stats

  • While the percentage of alcohol-addicted Idahoans is lower than the national average, the percentage who need treatment but aren’t receiving it is higher
  • The fatality rate for DUI accidents increased by 26% between 2011 and 2015
  • Between 2010 and 2014, the number of patients treated for heroin addiction doubled, and those treated for methamphetamine addiction increased by 47%
  • 36% of arrests in Idaho are for drug and alcohol violations
  • Over half the victims of violent crime report that their offenders were under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Individuals with substance abuse problems tend to be secretive about their drug and alcohol use. There are, however, some signs or symptoms that you can look out for, such as:

  • Difficulties at school or work
  • Unexplained mood swings
  • Financial problems
  • Withdrawal from friends and family

There are a number of potential causes for drug or alcohol addiction beyond a desire to get high. You may have developed a problem accidentally, by failing to follow prescribing instructions for a pain reliever such as oxycodone. Or you may have started using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate depression or anxiety.

Idaho Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Idaho

Substance abuse in Idaho may be lower than the national average, but the percentage of people who need addiction treatment but aren’t receiving it is actually higher. Too many Idahoans suffer in silence, feeling increasingly helpless in the face of a disease that requires professional help to manage.

Untreated addiction hurts not just the addict, but everyone in their lives. Substance abuse can drive apart families and destroy marriages. While under the influence, or to get money to buy drugs and alcohol, addicts often find themselves engaging in uncharacteristic behavior such as breaking the law. The professionals at Addictions.com want to help you return to a better version of yourself, make a fresh start, and live a productive life free of substance abuse. We can connect you to the best Idaho detox center for your specific location, addiction, and budget.

Choosing From Many Idaho Detox Centers

To determine which Idaho detox center you should choose for your treatment or the treatment of a loved one, you need to research the options and keep an open mind. Don’t decide what you want out of a detox facility before you’ve even begun your search.

  • Examine yourself honestly

    The right Idaho detox center for you will be one that is a good match for your individual strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out what those strengths and weaknesses are will require some honest self-examination. While your first inclination may be to detox at home through a program where you check in a few times a week for medications, you might have a greater chance of success if you detox at an inpatient program with 24/7 medical monitoring.

  • Ask for help from friends and family

    If being honest about yourself isn’t your strong suit, you may want to consult trusted friends and family members to ask for their thoughts on your needs and your list of Idaho detox center options. Your loved ones may be able to see advantages and disadvantages to certain programs that you can’t, because you are too close to the problem to see clearly. Another benefit of getting loved ones involved is that you’ll have their support from the very start of your recovery process. Positive support from loved ones can be an enormous help to overcoming addiction.

  • Consider a variety of treatment facilities

    As you consider your Idaho detox center options, don’t assume that you have to attend a treatment program at the same facility where you detox. Sometimes moving from detoxification to recovery at the same facility is the best plan of action, but sometimes it’s more beneficial to go elsewhere. It could be that the best way for you to get physically free from your drug of choice is at a hospital detox program that doesn’t offer substance abuse treatment, meaning you will have to find a separate place to get mentally and emotionally free from your drug of choice.

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If you are feeling intimidated by the idea of choosing an Idaho detox center, please don’t let that discourage you. Our experts are available anytime, day or night, to help simplify the process and make the right choice clear. Call 800-654-0987 now, and let us guide you to a happier, healthier future.