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Thomasville, GA is troubled with cocaine, crack and heroin much like the rest of the country. A rise in heroin related drug charges since 2011 has caused increased need for community control programs and greater access to detox and other forms of substance abuse treatment to those in need.

To protect the interests of those who are struggling with addiction in the area, Thomasville, GA detox centers provide constant monitoring, support and around-the-clock care to assist patients in overcoming physical withdrawal and preparing for the psychological elements of recovery and healing. The resources offered at guide the way to recovery for those struggling with addiction to heroin, alcohol, crack cocaine and other substances.

Thomasville Addiction Stats

  • Both powder and crack cocaine are major problems throughout Thomasville with the majority of the distribution and trafficking coming in from Florida.
  • The number of heroin related crimes committed has increased by more than 200% since 2011.
  • Addiction is not prejudice. Even police officers are addicted to drugs and alcohol throughout Georgia.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Mental illness, cancer, predisposition due to genetics, traumatic experiences, family history—all of these are factors that could contribute to addiction. No matter what it is that causes your drug or alcohol addiction, quitting is plagued with symptoms of withdrawal that make it nearly impossible to say “NO.”

The most common signs of withdrawal include:

  • Nausea, vomitting or upset stomach.
  • Changes in mood or lackof patience.
  • Drug or alcohol seeking behavior.
  • Doing anything and everything to get more drugs.

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Getting Help in Thomasville

Increased access to healthcare has made it possible for more people to get the treatment they need. Many Thomasville, GA detox centers accept major forms of health insurance to help offset total costs owed by patients. For instance, you can get treatment at Arnold Northside detox center and you may be able to use your health insurance to pay for all or part of the care your receive.

Use the help of to learn more about the many detox options available in Thomasville including heroin detox, methaphetaminet detox, and dual-diagnosis programs that treat a wide range of co-occurring mental and physical health disorders.

Choosing From Many Thomasville Detox Centers

Finding and choosing the best Thomasville detox centers takes an understanding of what treatment is like and what you should look out for. We’ve compiled the following quick tips to help you get started:

  • Seek Inpatient Care First & Then Move Onto Outpatient Treatment

    Most of the time it’s just best to seek the help of an inpatient detox center before you move to an outpatient program. This ensures your safety and stability during the most difficult times of the healing process when dealing with SUD. Consider inpatient treatment unless work, school or family obligations prevent  you from seeking such care.

  • Don’t Overlook Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

    Mental illness is one of the leading causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Seek Thomasville, GA detox centers that provide treatment for co-occurring disorders including anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or ADHD. Get help for the underlying problems AND the addiction at the same time.

  • Consider Long-term and Aftercare Options

    Even after detox you’ll need counseling, therapy and aftercare. Rehab centers provide all of this, but many detox centers don’t—make sure you discuss long-term treatment and healing options with your detox center before leaving.

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