Tallahassee, Florida Detox Centers

Tallahassee suffers from a higher than average state of heroin and opioid abuse due largely to the number of previous pill mills that were found in and around Florida. Admissions to detox are high, but not nearly high enough to account for the number of addicts living in the state capital.

Tallahassee, FL detox centers aim to help those who are addicted by providing around-the-clock monitoring, patient support, and medical guidance and intervention when it’s needed most. These programs offer treatment for heroin addiction, alcoholism, methamphetamine abuse and a wide range of other substance use disorder problems. Use Addictions.com to guide your way through the recovery process.

Tallahassee Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The situations that lead to substance abuse and addiction vary from one user to the next. Some find they become addicted as a result of their family history of substnace abuse, others find that drugs are just an “easy escape” from the everyday struggles or that they can take drugs to self-medicate an underlying health problem. Once druga ddiction occurs, symptoms of withrawal can be hard to beat without professional help.

Common signs of drug or alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Cravings and drug or alcohol seeking behavior.
  • Unpredictable actions, behaviors or mood swings.
  • Irrational thought processes or feeling uneasy about everyday situations.
  • Repeat drinking or drug use (relapse) due to the cravings and illness felt when trying to quit.

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Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Chemical Dependency Program

1616 Physicians Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Leon County Treatment Center

3976 Woodville Highway
Tallahassee, FL 32305

Bethel Family Counseling/Outreach Ctr

471 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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Getting Help in Tallahassee

Throughout Tallahassee there are a wide range of detox and rehabilitation options to suit yourself or a loved one who may be struggling with symptoms of withdrawal. Detox can provide around-the-clock care to reduce the risk of relapse while guiding you to recovery. Consider a visit to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Chemical Dependency Program for detoxification and recovery support.

Tallahassee, FL detox centers may even accept your health insurance. Most facilities accept major forms of insurance to help offset the costs of rehabilitation and ddiction treatment. Use Addictions.com as your resource for 24/7 answers to the questions you have about detox and recovery in Tallahassee.

Choosing From Many Tallahassee Detox Centers

Making the right decision on the level and type of care for yourself or a loved one can be tough. For more information, we’ve provided the following tips to help you choose Tallahassee, FL detox centers that are ideal for your needs:

  • Seek First to Health Physically and Then Emotionally

    Detoxification in Tallahassee is the first step, but you’ll require extensive counseling and therapy to ensure you heal psychologically from the addiction. You may also require treatment for dual diagnosis to cover any underlying mental health conditions which could be at the root of your addiction.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Long-Term Treatment Programs

    NIDA recommends programs of at least 90 days to help you get sober. Your time in detox is not generally considered the first days in treatment simply because you’re not healing emotionally at this point. Don’t be afraid if your treatment provider recommends you first enter one of the many Tallahassee, FL detox centers and then spend 90 days or more in rehab.

  • Consider a Program Outside your Local Hometown

    Local detox is ideal IF you will seek outpatient treatment but for all other treatment options, consider inpatient care and think about getting help outside your hometown. This allows an escape from the everyday and reduces the risk that you will leave treatment early.

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