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More than 16 million people live in florida, and this diverse population lends itself to a wide range of addiction related problems. Specifically, St. Petersburg struggles with high rates of opioid abuse, the widespread heroin epidemic which impacts most of the U.S. and an influx of clendestine meth labs that have been found throughout the city.

St. Petersburg, FL detox centers aim to provide local, effective withdrawal treatment in safe, medically controlled environments that ensure the best chance for recovery. Use to find locally available St. Petersburg detox centers that can help you overcome addiction to methampehtamine, opiates such as heroin, or other substances.

St. Petersburg Addiction Stats

  • Chronic diseases, including addiction, are the leading cause of death in Pinellas County where St. Petersburg is located.
  • Nearly 5% of all residents of the St. Petersburg area report having used a non-prescribed, prescription painreliver such as Oxycodone or Hydrocodone in the past twelve months.
  • Injection drugs pose highest risk in St. Petersburg as more and more young adults are turning to injectible opioids such as heroin.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The cause of drug abuse and addiction may be something as simple as having been prescribed a painkiller following injury or illness, or it may be the result of an underlying desire to self-medicate for bipolar disorder, anxiety or some other mental illness. Socioeconomic status, family history, past or present trauma and many other factors can lead to addiction which will subsequently require professinoal detox.

Common signs of withdrawal from an addictive drug include:

  • Seeking more of a drug in order to stop symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Feeling sick, unwell, unable to sleep or otherwise unable to cope without the drug.
  • Lashing out at friends or family members in order to obtain drugs or to get away so you can get drugs.

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Footprints Beachside Recovery

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Spencer Recovery Center Dr Pauls at the Bay

140 Corey Avenue
Saint Petersburg, FL 33706

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Getting Help in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg detox centers customize their treatment programs to the needs of each individual patient so that you get the help and support you need during withdrawal. Many centers even accept major forms of health insurance, specifically those purchased through the Marketplace. For instance, consider Footprints Beachside Recovery in St. Petersburg to help you get sober.

Detox centers in St. Petersburg, FL are willing to customize your treatment plan in just about any way that will appropriately, and safely, meet your needs in recovery. Use to guide you through the process of finding and choosing the best detoxification program to get you through the withdrawal process.

Choosing From Many St. Petersburg Detox Centers

Choosing the best detox center for yourself or a loved one is downright scary. You know that detox is the only hope in recovery, but you don’t know where to begin. Follow these tips from when researching St. Petersburg, FL detox centers for help:

  • Choose between inpatient and outpatient detox

    Inpatient detox provides 24-hour care, a controlled environment and medical intervention immediately when necessary for the safety of the patient. Outpatient detox can work for MMT and other maintenance detoxes as long as you have a strong support network at home.

  • Treat all underlying conditions

    Treatment for co-occurring disorders is a common need in drug or alcohol detox. More than 50% of those who are addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol are also struggling with mental illness. Be sure to seek dual diagnosis treatment when seeking the help of St. Petersburg, FL rehab centers near you to lower your risk of relapse.

  • Consider all relapse prevention opportunities

    Aftercare is common in drug rehab, but it may not always be provided in detox. Talk with your detox provider about the methods that they use to help you transition from detox into rehab. All opportunities for relapse pervention should be entertained to help you remain on the path to long-term healing and recovery.

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