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Florida Detox Centers

Home to Miami, Palm and Daytona Beaches, the Sunshine State houses some of the world’s most popular vacation getaways. Add to this the thrill of Disney World, Universal Studios and other featured attractions and it can seem like the residents of Florida live inside the perfect state. Unfortunately, the threat of illicit drug use and addiction haunts communities throughout Florida just like everywhere else.

Drugs, such as heroine and cocaine find easy access inside Florida’s borders, which makes for convenient distribution routes throughout the state and beyond. These conditions give Floridians ready access to these harmful substances. So if you’re battling a drug abuse problem, you’re not alone and Florida detox centers can help.

As you likely know by now, stopping drug use can be the biggest barrier to overcoming an addiction problem. Without the needed supports in place, attempts to stop using only work to raise frustration levels when withdrawal cravings become overwhelming. Florida detox centers have extensive experience in helping individuals make it past the withdrawal stage and take steps towards living a drug-free life.

Addictions.com can help match you with a Florida detox center that’s experienced in dealing with the types of challenges you face. At this point, it helps to gain a general understanding on the different types of Florida detox program so you’ll have an idea of how the treatment process works.

Florida Addiction Stats

  • Statewide, overdose fatalities involving prescription opiate drugs totaled 1,916 in 2013
  • As of 2015, an estimated 16.2 to 18.1 percent of the population engaged in binge drinking behaviors
  • Deaths involving cocaine abuse increased by 29 percent in Southern Florida in 2015, including cities Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach
  • Cities in Orange County, which includes Orlando, Belle Isle, University Park, Edgewood, Windermere and Oakland, have seen over twice as many heroin overdose fatalities between January and March 2017 compared to rates from 2016


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Patterns of drug abuse can develop out of any form of regular drug use involving an addictive substance. This accounts for why the regular use of prescription pain pills carries the same risk of abuse and addiction as heroin and cocaine. Florida detox centers have ample experience in treating addiction in all its forms.

Addictive substances have psychoactive properties, meaning they’re able to interact with, and change the brain’s chemical pathways. A good majority of these substance share a similar chemical makeup with the body’s neurotransmitter materials, so they integrate easily within the brain’s system.

With continued drug use, harmful chemical imbalances start to take shape. These imbalances give rise to the uncomfortable withdrawal effects that develop when reducing or stopping drug use. These same imbalances also become more severe over time, which only works to intensify withdrawal symptoms.

Detox rehab in a Florida detox center entails helping to restore a normal chemical balance in the brain and body. The supports provided through Florida detox centers not only help the body heal, but also lessen the degree of discomfort experienced throughout the detox stage.

Florida Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Florida

The effects of chronic drug abuse wear away at the body’s systems, leaving you more and more vulnerable to the addictive effects of the drug. Over time, these changes start to form a cycle of drug abuse where withdrawal effects drive continued drug use. This, in turn, causes more severe withdrawal effects followed by a growing need for larger amounts of the drug.

Before long, a full-blown addiction develops out of this cycle as the mind and emotions start to need the “high” effects of the drug to cope with daily life. Florida detox center treatment can help you put an end to this cycle of drug abuse.

First and foremost, it’s important to be honest with yourself in terms of just how much addiction has impacted your daily life. Once drug use becomes a means to cope, the “need” for the drug starts to affect your choices and overall judgment. At this point, it becomes easier and easier to show up late for work (or miss work altogether) and use drugs instead.

Part of the Florida detox center treatment process entails learning how addiction has changed your thinking and behavior while helping you develop healthy ways of coping with daily life pressures. In effect, Florida detox center treatment becomes the starting point on your path to recovery.

Choosing From Many Florida Detox Centers

If you’ve been battling addiction for a while now, the effects of drug abuse can make trying to choose a Florida detox program seem like an ordeal all its own. It helps to keep in mind that recovery is a process and it’s best to take it day-by-day.

In essence, addiction has more to do with the psychological damage that drug abuse breeds than the physical discomforts experienced along the way. That being so, stopping drug-using behavior is a necessary first step to overcoming an addiction problem. Florida detox centers focus on treating the physical effects of addiction that result from continued drug use.

Depending on how far along you are in the addiction cycle, the degree of withdrawal discomfort experienced during detox can vary. This is something to consider when choosing a detox program. For instance, the effects of chronic, long-term opiate abuse may well require inpatient methadone rehab, whereas someone who’s only been using for a couple months may only require an outpatient treatment approach.

While it can be easy to opt for the convenience of an outpatient-based Florida detox center, if you can’t control drug use now, a more structured inpatient-type program will likely be needed to get you through the detox stage. Choosing a Florida detox center that provides the level of support needed to get you through the withdrawal stage should be your overall goal when seeking treatment help.

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Making the decision to get Florida detox center treatment help doesn’t come easy for most, but the benefits are well worth the effort. You’re not only taking back control of your life from addiction, but also putting a stop to the ongoing damage drug abuse causes.

Addictions.com works with rehab centers across the state. If you need help getting started in recovery, Addictions.com can help. Call us at 800-654-0987 to discuss Florida detox center treatment options with one of our substance abuse counselors.