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Denver, nestled into the South Platte River Valley is home to approximately 68,000 people. Located just east of the Rocky Mountains, visitors flock to the area for beautiful scenery and outdoor adventure. The picturesque views offered in the “Mile High City”, as it is so aptly named, are absolutely breathtaking. Whether dashing down a white water rapid or visiting one of the many museums or musical events, Denver is a happening city with excitement at every turn.

Unfortunately, this city, like others across the nation has fallen prey to the opiate addiction crisis. Prescription opioids have overtaken other types of substances in terms of addiction rates. As a result, people are turning to more illicit and illegal forms of opiates like heroin to get a fix after the crackdown on over prescription of narcotics. The problem is staggering.

However, not just a societal problem, drug addiction hits close to home for many. Whether you or a loved one is facing addiction to alcohol, opioids, stimulants drugs or any other substance, the cycle of addiction is harrowing. Finding a way out can seem hopeless. However, searching for help through Denver, CO detox centers is a great first step. At, helpful staff are standing by who understand the plight of addiction sufferers. We can help you find precisely the right services to stop the vicious merry-go-round of drug abuse and dependence.

Denver Addiction Stats

  • 259 people in Denver died in opioid-related overdose deaths, outranking death by homicide in 2015.
  • In 2017, 513 people died in alcohol-related crashes.
  • As of 2013, the most widely abused substances in Denver are: 1st- alcohol, 2nd- marijuana and 3rd- methamphetamine.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Addiction can be difficult to see clearly. Often it begins slowly. As human beings, we want to believe in the illusion of control. This is natural. However, looking clearly at the problem and taking an honest assessment of substance abuse can be a lifesaver. Ask the following questions to determine if you or a loved one may have a substance use disorder:

  • Are you able to predict how much it will take to reach an optimal high?
  • Do “bad” things happen when you drink or use substances?
  • Have you had moments of feeling ashamed or embarrassed due to drinking or drug use?
  • Do friends or family members have concerns about your drinking or drug use?

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, call and speak to one of our caring and compassionate staff for more information about your situation. While substance abuse and addiction can be alarming and scary, getting help doesn’t have to be. On your quest for information about Denver, CO detox centers, you have found the perfect place to access these services and many more.

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Getting Help in Denver

Drugs affect the molecular structure of the human brain, along with the manner in which the brain processes chemicals. For drugs like opiates and methamphetamine, they work specifically on the pleasure center of the brain. Both drugs act on neural receptors that control messages sent to parts of the brain. These messages increase the production of dopamine and serotonin. However, methamphetamine also affects the areas of brain tissue called microglia. This tissue protects that brain. When absent, the brain is susceptible to infection and other damaging agents. Thus, no matter the type of substance abused, Denver, CO detox centers will provide the necessary medical support to address these physical and mental issues that have occurred as a result of significant drug abuse.

Choosing From Many Denver Detox Centers

Addiction is isolating and lonely. In reaching out for help, you are placing yourself on new footing. When you are overwhelmed and depressed with the fallout of drug or alcohol addiction, it can be impossible to see a brighter future ahead. Here are some things you can look forward to in Denver when you are back on a healthy road of recovery.

  • Positive interactions with family and friends
  • Participation in activities you enjoy
  • Hobbies
  • Physical wellness
  • A quiet mind

Be honest for a moment. When is the last time you truly experienced those things free from the shadow of addiction? You deserve a healthy, happy life.

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