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With a diverse population, incredible local produce available year round, and a number of close-at-hand lakes, rivers and hiking trails to enjoy, Sacramento, California has a great deal to offer residents. However, the city also suffers from widespread drug and alcohol abuse.

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, please seek professional addiction treatment. With the help of, you can discover the many Sacramento detox centers available near you. We can provide guidance and advice to simplify the process of choosing which facility will suit you best.

Sacramento Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

There are many reasons why people start abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place, and even more reasons that they may continue to use. Some of the more familiar motivations include:

If drug or alcohol abuse continues, addiction will soon follow. Addicts usually attempt to hide their problem with secretive behavior, but they can’t conceal all signs of addiction. Loved ones may notice money problems, unexplained weight loss, unusual mood swings, and an increase in accidents, from bumping into furniture to serious car accidents.

More Detox Centers in Sacramento

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Sierra Vista Hospital

8001 Bruceville Road
Sacramento, CA 95823

Sacramento Treatment Clinic

7225 East South Gate Drive
Suite D
Sacramento, CA 95823

MedMark Treatment Centers Sacramento

7240 East Southgate Drive
Suites G
Sacramento, CA 95823

Volunteers of America Options for Recovery

1001 Grand Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95838

Summit BHC Sacramento LLC Valley Recovery Center of California

2221 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825

BAART Behavioral Health Services Inc

310 Harris Avenue
Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95838

WellSpace Health Detoxification Program

1550 Juliesse Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95815

CommuniCare Health Centers Behavioral Health Services

500 B Jefferson Boulevard
Suite 195
Sacramento, CA 95605

Promise House

2727 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

CORE Medical Clinic Inc

2100 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95816

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Getting Help in Sacramento

As you attempt to come to terms with a loved one’s addiction, or with your own addiction issues, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Facing up to substance abuse and giving up your drug of choice can seem intimidating, as can choosing the right rehabilitation facility.

But there’s no need to stay overwhelmed. can make it easy for you to start the recovery process by providing information about Sacramento detox centers, then helping you choose the optimum facility for your individual needs and goals.

Choosing From Many Sacramento Detox Centers

While you examine the Sacramento detox centers available to help you overcome addiction, make sure to do your research and keep an open mind throughout the decision-making process. Here is some additional advice to keep in mind:

  1. Ask for help from trusted loved ones- Your family and friends know you better than anyone. They can give you valuable feedback to help you choose the right rehab facility. Also, by asking for their help, you show that you are open to their support throughout your recovery, which can make a big difference to your progress.
  2. Talk to someone who’s been there- Try to find someone who has already completed treatment, ideally at one of the Sacramento detox centers you are considering. Even if their drug of choice and treatment needs are very different from your own, having someone to talk to about detox and recovery may help clarify what you want out of a rehab program.
  3. Be honest with yourself- As you consider your list of Sacramento detox centers, be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and the level of treatment you really need. For example, if your drug of choice has a particularly dangerous set of withdrawal symptoms, please don’t attempt to detox at home. Find a detox center that offers 24/7 medical monitoring to keep you safe and comfortable.

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