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California Detox Centers

As the nation’s trendsetter, the Golden State is home to the film industry, the internet and the birthplace of the personal computer. As one of the busiest regions in the world, many Californians live inside hectic lifestyles and nonstop activity. These circumstances make for prime conditions for drug abuse and addiction to develop.

For most people, the decision to enter drug treatment seldom comes easy, but after a certain point there’s no denying the need for some type of help. California detox centers mark the first step towards taking back your life from addiction.

In order to overcome addiction, drug (or alcohol) use must end. California detox centers provide the necessary treatment supports to help you make it past drug withdrawal and drug cravings. Granted, you can try to stop using on your own, but if you’ve already tried this and failed, some level of treatment support is needed.

Addictions.com can help you find a California detox center that’s able to work with your specific treatment needs and get you through this critical first stage in the recovery process. For now, gaining a betting understanding on how withdrawal and addiction work together to keep you using will make it easier to determine what type of treatment programs will work best for you.

California Addiction Stats

  • As of 2015, drug overdose accounted for 4,659 fatalities across the state
  • In Ventura, California alone, drug-related hospitalizations ran at a rate of 10 hospitalizations for every 10,000 people between 2012 and 2014
  • In 2017, Humboldt County, including the cities of Eureka, Ferndale, Trinidad, Rio Del, Simoa, Redcrest, Scotia and Fieldbrook, had the highest rates of excessive drinking in the state
  • In Los Angeles, drug overdose was the leading cause of death for Caucasian males, aged 15 to 44 and Caucasian females, aged 25 to 44


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Some drugs, such as heroine and cocaine are highly addictive, while drugs like codeine and marijuana carry low addiction potentials. That being so, all addictive drugs produce psychoactive effects, changing the brain’s chemical makeup in dangerous ways regardless of their addiction potentials.

These effects lie at the root of drug abuse behaviors. Breaking compulsive drug-using patterns becomes the focus of detox rehab through California detox centers.

When a drug problem goes untreated, growing brain chemical imbalances start to disrupt the body’s functions. These conditions account for why drug withdrawal symptoms develop.

If you’ve abused drugs for a while you’ve likely started to experience withdrawal symptoms. In effect, the brain has come to require the drug’s effects, so withdrawal symptoms will develop when needed amounts of the drug are lacking.

A big part of what California detox centers do entails helping restore the brain’s chemical environment back to normal. California detox treatment centers provide medication treatments and emotional supports to help you make it past the withdrawal stage once and for all.

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Getting Help in California

It can be all too easy to put off getting treatment help considering the demands of daily life. Entering a California detox center means work responsibilities, family obligations and other concerns must be put on the back burner. While getting help may seem inconvenient, the addiction cycle will only grow stronger when left to its own devices.

Addictive drugs and alcohol not only change the brain’s chemical makeup, but also the way it works. As addiction progresses, the drug’s effects take on increasing importance within your psychological makeup. This means your thinking, emotions, priorities and behaviors all work to protect the role drug use holds in your daily life.

California detox program treatment will enable you to take control of drug-using behaviors, otherwise these behaviors will continue to feed the addiction cycle. The care you receive in a California detox center helps pave the way for the addiction treatment process to begin.

While there are different types of California detox centers, all of them work towards helping you overcome withdrawal and stop drug-using behaviors. These programs also provide drug education and counseling to help you better understand how drugs weaken your will and ability to choose. Lastly, a detox program will map out your recovery path, treatment needs and make any necessary referrals.

Once you successfully complete California detox center treatment, you’ll be in a better position to address the issues that drive the addiction problem. In turn, the detox facility will refer you to the type of program best suited to help you maintain continued abstinence and overcome addiction.

Choosing From Many California Detox Centers

California detox centers offer a range of treatment options that vary by setting and levels of support offered. This is actually a good thing since addiction’s effects can take any number of forms in a person’s life. Factors that impact how addiction plays out in your life include:

  • How long you’ve been using drugs
  • Type(s) of drug used
  • Physical health status
  • Mental health status

In effect, the longer you’ve been using the greater the damage to your health and mental well being. If you’re coming off a chronic or long-term drug problem, an inpatient California detox program is best able to help you make it through the detox stage.

Inpatient-based rehab centers operate within a closed in treatment setting, which helps keep temptations to use drugs at a minimum. These programs treat the most severe forms of addiction, which tend to cause serious physical and psychological problems to develop along the way. Methadone rehab may also be a part of inpatient care for people struggling with severe forms of opiate addiction.

If you’re still at the early stages of drug abuse, meaning you can still control drug use to a certain extent, an outpatient-based California detox center may be all the support you need. With outpatient treatment, you can live at home and attend treatment sessions through the week. This means you’ll have to exercise considerable self-restraint on your own, so it’s important to be sure you can handle it.

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It only takes so many weeks or months of regular drug use for a growing addiction to take root. While it may be hard to see the seriousness of the problem now, putting off getting needed treatment help only gives addiction free reign to do more harm. A California detox center can help you stop addiction’s reign and take steps towards living a healthy, happy life.

We here at Addictions.com can match you with a California detox center that’s right for you. Call us at 800-654-0987 to speak with one of our substance abuse counselors about available California detox center treatment options.