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Opiate addiction plagues the United States. It is so prevalent that the Centers for Disease Control are calling it an epidemic. The overdose deaths alone number in the thousands. This is the reason that many methadone treatment clinics have come into being. The Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center started with the Fairfax Methadone Treatment Center in September of 1992. This was the first private outpatient methadone treatment center in Fairfax County.

Three years later in response to the growing demand for methadone clinics, the Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center opened. These centers gradually expanded throughout Fairfax county and its surrounding areas.

Their program specializes treating prescription opiate and heroin addiction. They assist people in ending their dependence on dangerous opiates by providing methadone as a replacement medication and therapy.

This treatment comes in the form of both detoxification and maintenance programs. Which you use depends on your individual needs and the severity of your addiction. When you first enter Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center, you will undergo an evaluation by the medical director. The medical director is a licensed addiction specialist. This evaluation will determine which program or combination of programs is right for your needs.

The state, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment license Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center. Each of these agencies has approved all of the parts of the treatment program. The Virginia Board of Pharmacy also licenses the programs in Virginia. All of the clinics in the Fairfax family are inspected and accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF.

The Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center’s goals are to help individuals gain sobriety, purpose, and dignity. All of which opiate addiction robs from you. Woodbridge is a voluntary only facility. Their primary goal is rehabilitation of individuals addicted to opiates. Rehabilitation is defined as personal satisfaction with life without resorting to opiates as an escape or to provide happiness. The staff provides both medical and clinical services to their clients. The patients are responsible for attending treatment as directed by the staff.

During admission, you will be evaluated through intake interviews, a history and physical, lab tests, and psychological evaluations. This intake procedure is in accordance with federal and state guidelines. After intake, a treatment plan is developed and counseling with a primary counselor begins. These counseling sessions monitor the goals, methodology, and objectives of the individualized treatment program. There are also group therapy sessions that begin when you are accepted into the program.

Overall Woodbridge Treatment Center is a private methadone clinic for those individuals who are suffering from opiate addiction. They offer low wait times, addiction specialists, comprehensive therapy, individual and group counseling sessions, and confidentiality.

They accept private insurance and self pay clients at an affordable rate. New patients are always welcome as well. They do not discriminate based on status, religion, race, gender, gender preference, identity, or age. Each person is treated with dignity, respect, and equality.


Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center is dedicated to treating each patient as an individual with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Their offices offer both privacy and comfort. Although this facility is not particularly fancy, the do offer a startling array of counseling and treatment options. They are also extremely thorough in their evaluations and assessment.

Their treatment programs are personalized to your individual needs and goals. They are based in the firm belief that the best treatment programs are ones that fit your lifestyle. As an outpatient treatment clinic they offer treatment around your schedule. You can attend treatment and still go home to your family, go to work, or remain in school. Unlike inpatient treatment, they can schedule your treatment around your life. This is also very helpful when you have a family or young children that need your care.


The Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center offers a variety of therapy options. At Woodbridge you will receive a combination of medication and counseling in a medication assisted treatment atmosphere.

The main types of therapy that you will experience are individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. These forms are the standard for medication assisted treatment.

Individual treatment is a form of one on one treatment. You meet with a counselor, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. During individual counseling, you discuss your addiction and other issues. The goals of individual counseling are to discover and treat the cause of your addiction, to learn about and deal with triggers in your life, and to deal with the consequences of your opiate addiction.

Learning to deal with triggers is an extremely important part of any addiction treatment program. Triggers are things in your environment that cause you to crave opiates. Triggers can be anything from people, to places, to objects that you are familiar with. The individual counseling sessions at the Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center are designed to help you avoid your triggers whenever possible and when it is not possible to eliminate or deal with them directly.

Since discovering and treating the cause of your addiction is a lengthy process, treatment can last anywhere from two weeks to several years. It can involve various therapy techniques and practices including cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy. Which type of treatment an individual responds to depends on the person themselves.

Group counseling is another form of therapy offered at Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center. Group counseling consists of sessions where you meet with a group of people who are in similar circumstances. This can help you in several different ways. Some of these ways are:

  • It instills hope. Seeing people in similar circumstances but different levels of treatment can help you see that there is a way out of the darkness of the opiate addiction.
  • Being a part of a group can relieve some of the isolation that is common with both addiction and addiction treatment
  • You can learn with new information about yourself, the addiction, and how to deal with it. Each group member will have a slightly different method of dealing with his or her addiction. You can use this information to help guide you in your treatment and how you deal with the consequences of addiction.
  • It can help you relearn interpersonal skills. The group dynamic helps to create a supportive environment that can help you even after your treatment ends.
  • Sharing with a group can help to boost your self esteem and self confidence.

Each of these benefits of group therapy can be realized depending on your dedication to the group.

Family counseling is an important part of addiction treatment. Your family is one of your greatest assets when it comes to treatment and support. By helping you repair your family structure, Woodbridge can help you solidify this particular support network. Addiction is also known as a family disease. Your addiction has hurt those closest to you. It is important to learn to deal with both the addiction and other problems within your family in a calm and sane manner.

You will also have access to referrals and other services at Woodbridge. You can find training programs and other forms of therapy such as 12 step programs through these referrals. There are many therapy options to choose from almost all of which can help you with both your addiction and your overall life circumstances.


The Sellati and Co. Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center specializes in using medication assisted treatment in order to help those suffering from opiate addiction. Treatment generally starts with a full assessment by the medical director of the clinic. After the evaluation, you will b assigned a counselor and you will start on medication. The most common medication is methadone. Methadone has been in use since the 1940s and is one of the most effective treatments for opiate withdrawal.

Methadone helps to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal so that you can get on with your life. Woodbridge offers both a medication assisted treatment and a medication maintenance treatment. Medication assisted treatment is the process where you receive medication for withdrawal and once the withdrawal period is over, you taper off the methadone so you are completely drug free.

Methadone maintenance programs are a form of treatment for those who are suffering from a chronic pain disorder and addiction. This is not uncommon, many people begin their opiate addiction due to a chronic pain condition such as arthritis or chronic back pain. Once you are on opiates regularly dependence and addiction sometimes follow. During methadone maintenance, you use methadone as both a medication to help with withdrawal and as a painkiller. The good thing about methadone is that you can stay on it for years with little or no adverse effects. Instead of tapering off of it like you do in a medication assisted treatment, you remain on the methadone until you feel like you can stop without it interrupting your life.

Woodbridge also offers other forms of medication for opiate withdrawal. Medications like Suboxone or Subutex are useful in treating withdrawal and chronic pain as well. Although they are not as effective as methadone, they can still treat mild or moderate withdrawal and chronic pain. The difference between these medications is that they may contain naloxone, a drug which prevents any form of euphoria during treatment.

Regardless of which medication you and your doctor decide on, Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center can help you end your addiction and live a more promising and productive life.


The Sellati and Company Woodbridge Methadone Treatment Center employees staff from all walks of life. They have licensed addiction specialists, doctors, nurses, certified therapists, counselors, case workers, case managers, social workers, and support staff. Each staff member is educated and licensed in their particular role and participates in continuing education as necessary. The continuing education keeps them up to date on all of the research and new information in their field.

A board of directors governs Sellati and Co. Each individual clinic has a hands on medical director that leads the staff.


  1. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4.5
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    At my very first appointment, I saw a doctor who asked me a bunch of questions about my oxy use and then did a physical. After it was all done, he recommended I use methadone to get through the withdrawal until I stopped feeling withdrawal symptoms. I can get the methadone once a day as long as I am also in counseling. The doctor explained that the methadone will take care of the symptoms of withdrawal while the counseling will take care of the actual addiction. When I go there, whether it is for a methadone dose or for counseling, everyone there is kind and courteous.

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