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Drug abuse and addiction is known as a family disorder. This simply means that your addiction impacts your entire family. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you can seriously damage those around you. One major sign of drug addiction is abusive behavior to those close to you. It may come in the form of physical violence or simply lying or stealing from your family. In any case, your addiction can cause serious issues with your family members.

Another population that is severely affected by drug abuse and addiction is pregnant women and new single mothers with their children. Since inpatient treatment is one of the more effective forms of treatment, it can be difficult for a single parent to attend treatment sessions or go into inpatient treatment. This is particularly true when the addiction has destroyed your close relationships.

This is where the Family House of Louisiana comes in. They offer inpatient services for pregnant women, post partum women, and single parents with their children. These special populations need the most care because drug addiction deeply affects the child as well as the mother. The Family House has an inpatient and outpatient treatment program that is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of this very special population.

They offer family services for:

  • Alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Prescription opiate and heroin addiction
  • Prescription stimulant addiction
  • Prescription sedative addiction such as Xanax or valium addiction
  • Co – occurring disorders
  • Dual diagnosis patients

They also offer counseling, child care, and treatment for the children who enter into the treatment program with their mothers. This counseling is dependent on the child’s age and overall health. In most cases, they evaluate the needs of both mother and child during the initial intake appointment. Then assess the needs of the child, children, or family. Once these needs are assessed, they begin an individualized family program for mother and children to be certain that the whole family is treated for the addiction.

This style of family centered treatment is useful in breaking the family cycle of addiction. The Family House provides opportunities and parenting assistance to at risk families. These services include inpatient or residential treatment for mother and family, parenting and skill building classes, training and job assistance, outpatient therapy, referrals to community organizations and relapse prevention techniques. Each of these services is available to women of any age, race, religion, gender identity, or culture. They offer treatment programs like medication assisted detoxification and maintenance and both individual and group therapy sessions.

The Family House is located at 112 Holmes Blvd Apt B – 1 in Terrytown, Louisiana. They are one of the few treatment centers that allows women to stay with their children during an inpatient treatment program. Although there is limited space, severe cases are almost always accommodated particularly if you are facing homelessness or other drastic conditions.


One of the main amenities offered by the Family House in Terrytown Louisiana is their ability to take single mothers with their children. They provide a homelike atmosphere with beds for both women and their children. There is storage space provided as well as plenty of community rooms and activities for the little ones.

This center works more like a household than a treatment center. Although they have all of the benefits and aspects of an inpatient treatment facility, they work to provide a homey space for women and their children to recover from their addiction.

The programs that they offered are family oriented and geared toward the specific needs of women with small children. They understand that parenthood is stressful especially for new, expectant, or young mothers. In order to help provide the best treatment experience possible, they take into account all of the problems that arise in a family situation.

Family House caters to the terrifying concern that your addiction will damage your unborn or very young child. They understand the issues that you may be facing during your treatment and as your child grows older. Parenting is hard but is made harder when drugs or alcohol are involved. This service is rare for a treatment facility.

Family House provides life skills training and parenting classes in addition to the standard drug and alcohol addiction treatments. They also provide three meals a day to those that are in inpatient treatment. They also provide nutrition, dietary, and counseling to help you live a healthier lifestyle within your budget. In some cases, they may even offer household management classes to help you become more independent.

Family House also offers multiple ways to pay for your treatment. They accept many major private insurance plans as well as public or government insurance. They also have financial counselors available to help you with the expense of treatment. In some cases, they can offer sliding scale fee arraignment including free or very low cost care. These arraignments are evaluated on a case by case basis to make sure that every individual in need gets the treatment that they deserve.


The Family House in Louisiana offers all of the standard therapy options for detoxification and addiction treatment and more. The standard therapy consists of:

  • Individual Therapy – this is one on one treatment that is designed to help you realize your treatment goals. The counselor that you work with will help you discover the cause of your addiction. Although addiction is a disease itself, it can also be the symptom of a larger issue. Finding this issue and treating it is the way to end your addiction. They can also help you deal with the consequences of your addiction including the consequences to your family and the legal ramifications. Another service they provide is to discover your triggers. A trigger is something that causes a craving for drugs or alcohol. This can be a person, place, or object. Counselors will help you learn your triggers, eliminate them, avoid then, or in some cases cope with them.
  • Group Therapy – Group therapy is an important part of any addiction treatment program. Group therapy is a form of therapy where you get together with a counselor and other patients with similar problems. The purpose of group therapy is to help you engage with others and form a lasting support network with like minded sober individuals. It can also help you with new ideas about how to deal with cravings, family, triggers, and other addiction issues. Group therapy is also an excellent place to work on your communication skills and interpersonal skills. Group may be a session of talk therapy or a targeted skill building lesson.
  • Family therapy – family therapy can be conducted with you and your family members together as well as therapy for just your family members. In the case of the Family House, there are also therapy sessions to teach you how to talk to your children and to manage the stress of parenthood without the use of drugs or alcohol. At times the counselor in family therapy may act as a mediator between you and your family so that you can work through your issues together. They can also show you how to respond to family conflict and other situations that may arise.
  • Children’s Therapy – depending on the age of your child, your child might participate in child therapy. This can help your child or children process the problems and issues that may have been a factor while you were still on the drugs or alcohol. This can help your children grow into happy and healthy adults. They also offer drug education classes for your family and your children. These classes help create an understanding of the dangers of drugs and act as a preventative measure.
  • Medication Assisted Therapy – in certain cases, doctors may prescribe medications to help you remain functional during withdrawal. Common medications are methadone and Suboxone for opiate addiction. This can help you by making your withdrawal more comfortable and ease some of the more difficult symptoms.
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy – relapse prevention is an important part of any addiction treatment program. Alcohol and drug addiction has a high relapse rate, particularly when you are dropped back into the same situation that started your drug use in the first place. Relapse prevention therapy can involve learning to deal with the cause and consequences of your addiction, stress management techniques, or techniques in developing a support structure.


The Family House Louisiana specializes in treating women and women with children. Most of their counseling, housing, and therapy sessions are geared toward both woman and child. They offer a variety of supplemental programs to help deal with the pressures of parenting, with a special focus on parenting with small children.

They also have medical detoxification and monitoring programs. This detoxification allows you to get through withdrawal without experiencing some of the more unpleasant and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. This helps you get your treatment and therapy started almost immediately.

Another specialty of the Family House is their family counseling program. The Family House believes that family can be one of your most important supports and resources. A portion of your treatment is designed to help you in a variety of family situations.


The Family House is staffed with licensed doctors, licensed nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed therapists, certified counselors, family counselors, social workers, case managers, parenting experts, and a variety of support staff. Everyone working for the Family House is certified in his or her respective fields and has had to pass a background check. Each staff member is educated in the needs of women and children to provide the best possible detoxification and treatment experience.

Every staff member is also required to participate in state, county, and federally run training programs and continuing education. This is so that they maintain the highest quality and up to date evidence based services possible. In the State of Louisiana health care workers are required to be both CPR and First Aid certified if they work in a residential facility. It is important to Family House that staff maintains these certification to provide a safe and comfortable treatment environment.


  1. Tara

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    As a single mother, I was afraid that I would have to leave my little girl with social services if I wanted treatment for my addiction. I couldn’t go to outpatient treatment because I was afraid that they would take her from me and I couldn’t go to inpatient treatment because they would put her in foster care. Then I found the Family House. They offered me inpatient drug treatment and my little girl could stay with me. I would see her at night and during free time. The rest of the time she got to play and go to daycare with the other children. In the end I got the drug treatment I needed without having to give up my daughter.

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