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Treatment Effectiveness 4
Accommodations & Amenities 4
Meals & Nutrition 4


Worthmore Addiction Services is part of the larger Avera-St Lukes medical corporation. They offer state of the art, innovative medical services. This includes the treatment services at Worthmore Addiction Services. Worthmore Addiction Services itself is a full service addiction treatment facility which was has been operating since 1978.

They offer medical detoxification, residential or inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient addiction services. Their treatment model is based off a combination of cutting edge treatment styles and the proven 12 step addiction treatment model founded in the 1930s.

Worthmore as a part of Avera St. Lukes Hospital offers an 18 bed facility that houses both men and women. Although it is a small facility, it does not lack in treatment services and amenities. They believe that your treatment goals can be accomplished through family, individual, and group therapy models using a Sober Living Workbook as a guide. They offer a full range of evidence verified practices and different style and counseling methods.

Part of the Worthmore philosophy is to provide addiction care during each of the stages of recovery to help prevent relapse. They provide:

  • Prevention and intervention services – these help to stop substance abuse before it starts and intervene at the earliest stages to help stop most addictions before they reach dangerous levels of severity.
  • Detox services – this is the first stage of treatment and allows you to comfortably withdrawal or rid your body of the addictive substance.
  • Relapse prevention services – this is continuing care to help you remain drug or alcohol free. Counselors and doctors teach you methods to control cravings and avoid situations where you might relapse. As part of relapse prevention you will be taught pain management techniques and receive medications as part of a pain management program without using dangerous and deadly opiates.
  • After care – continuing care and education as you need it even after you have left our recovery program.

Worthmore is also a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Network so you will benefit from all of the experience and expertise of one of the premier drug addiction treatment programs. This partnership allows them to provide the latest in addiction care and therapies.


Worthmore Addiction Services along with Avera St. Lukes offer all of the amenities you would expect to find in a large hospital with a small hospital size and attitude. Being just 18 beds gives Worthmore a personal and cozy feel.

The rooms are doubles so you will have a roommate but you will also have a private bath for your room, something that many large facilities do not offer. They have transportation to their day programs and other services at the larger St. Lukes Hospital nearby.

Residents have access to a TV room, common room, fitness area, and laundry services when they are not at a treatment appointment. Worthmore offers a fitness and exercise program specifically designed for you to improve your physical health while you are working to improve your mental state through therapy and addiction services.

One of the major perks of care at Worthmore Addiction Services is their dietary and nutrition program. You are served meals room service style from a vast menu. Unlike many other rehab facilities, both sugar and caffeine are on the menu. You can choose almost anything that you want and it will be prepared for you. If you want to eat healthier, you can speak to one of the dietary counselors that will help you make sure that you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need.

Worthmore also believes in family involvement. You will not be restricted from seeing your family and close friends even though you are in inpatient treatment. There are some rules as far as visits go but the Worthmore philosophy is that family involvement is beneficial to your recovery. There are some points during detoxification that family access might be restricted due to dangers of relapse and other concerns.

All of these amenities are available in each of the various treatment programs. You are encouraged to take advantage of everything that you need to make your treatment a complete success. If Worthmore does not offer it, there is a good chance that Avera St. Lukes does.


Worthmore Addiction Services offers many state of the art therapy practices. Each counselor participates in continuing education so they are constantly learning new techniques and ways to better help you in your recovery. Our counselors are all well versed in:

  • Addiction and behavioral health therapy and education, using education as a form of initial prevention or relapse prevention, these therapies form the cornerstone of any addiction treatment program
  • Electroconvulsive therapy, used only in extreme circumstances, although Electroconvulsive therapy is an older method, it is still extremely effective when there are issues beyond ordinary behavioral and addiction health concerns
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, this is the practice of learning how to control cravings and behaviors in order to improve your issues with addiction
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy, similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, this model focuses on combining action with mind, body, and spirit as well as relearning negative behaviors and changing them into more positive ones.
  • Group counseling, here you participate in group discussion about addiction and listen to the stories of other addicts as well as tell your own. The discussion is guided by counselors.
  • Individual counseling, this is a one on one counseling situation. You will speak to a counselor directly where they will offer suggestions and treatment. You will learn to identify the cause and consequences of your addiction. You will also learn to deal with cravings, temptation, and triggers during these sessions.

Each of these therapy programs and types are offered at our Worthmore facility or at nearby Saint Luke’s Hospital. The different counseling methods are available to both the addict and their family members as well as those close to them. All of the counseling is loosely based off the 12 step model that’s been in practice since the 1930s. It is then combined with the latest in counseling methods and evaluation techniques. This creates an ever changing program that is suited to your individual needs and treatment goals.


Worthmore Addiction services has several areas of specialty. These areas are ones that this specific treatment facility are known to provide exceptional care in. Some of the Worthmore specialties are:

  • Addiction and recovery individual and group counseling – the cornerstone of addiction medicine
  • Inpatient behavioral health and wellness programs – detoxification in our comfortable facility with medical support and medications such as methadone
  • Outpatient behavioral health and wellness programs – detoxification and treatment while remaining home with the ability to care for your family and other concerns
  • Partial hospitalization programs – detoxification in our facility as well as outpatient treatment
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – a new therapy that uses magnetic to stimulate areas of the brain to aid in healing from depression, addiction, and anxiety
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – therapy using rapid eye movement in order to stimulate areas of the brain to reduce the impact of traumatic experiences

In all of these specialties, Worthmore focuses on family in therapy. This means that every aspect of their treatment program they try to involve family members and close friends. One of their philosophies is based on the fact that your family and close friends are important to your recovery efforts. All of their treatment methods combine to help you establish or re-establish relationships with those closest to you regardless of the circumstances.

They seek to show you new communication skills, new ways of dealing with conflict and behavior, and new ways to establish and maintain healthy relationships. They do this through family counseling, individual therapy for you and your family members, and co-counseling to help you work through any remaining issues that you might have.

They are dedicated to making sure that you receive the best treatment and care for all of your addiction and behavioral needs. They do this by combining 12 step style treatment, family involvement, with the latest techniques and services available.


Worthmore Addiction Services is comprised of doctors, nurses, counselors, and support staff as well as addiction specialists. All of the staff members with the exception of support staff act independently.

The director of Worthmore is Jan B. Patterson and a staff of counselors, doctors, nurses, and other staff support her. Some of these staff members include:

  • Dr. Shahid Chaudhary
  • K.C. DeBoer
  • Geoff Durst,
  • Elizabeth Lizzie Guiliani
  • Michael O’Keefe
  • Tom Snyder

Worthmore also employs a variety of counselors and support staff. If you have a specific need or desire such as a female or male counselor, they can provide it. A few of the counselors are:

  • Angela Pearson, Ac a graduate of Northern State University with a certification in Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Jamie Milbrandt, CAC a graduate of Presentation College a licensed social worker
  • Karen Hofer, L.Ac a graduate of Colorado Technical University
  • Jodi Happerle, L.Ac LMSW a graduate of Presentation College
  • Kristi Geinger, L.Ac a graduate of the University of North Dakota, School of Medicine
  • Jacki Grote, CAC, LCSW a graduate of Presentation College

Worthmore Addiction Services works with a wide variety of doctors and psychiatrists as well. Many of which work both independently and with Worthmore Addiction Center.

All of the staff is highly qualified, courteous and friendly. They are required to participate in ongoing education to make sure that they stay current with the advance in their field to provide you with the best possible treatment. They do this while helping you avoid the stigma of addiction and addiction treatment by keeping your privacy foremost mind.


  1. J.C.

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 5

    Despite the complicated name Worthmore Addiction Services offers top notch addiction treatment. This place gives you a small center personalized feel with all of the benefits of a large hospital. It was nice to see that they use the top of the line new treatments and methods. While I was there I found out that they are backed by the Avera St. Lukes network. They have everything that a big hospital does only with a small center atmosphere. And forget hospital or institutional food. They have a great selection of tasty meals that you can choose from.

    The staff was extremely kind and willing to put up with my horrendous withdrawal symptoms. They were especially helpful when I was in detox and could not figure out what to do with myself. If you have a serious addiction, I highly recommend this place.

  2. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    Avera Saint Lukes, Worthmore Addiction Services Division is one of the first places I called. I wish it were the first. Their operator was patient and kind when she explained everything to me. She told me about their inpatient program, which I am afraid I need because I can’t quite seem to quit on my own and outpatient didn’t do any good. She outlined how they build skills rather than focus on one or two parts of addiction. She also described the dietary and exercise plans. This was the one treatment center I found that I could pick what I ate rather than eat the usual bland stuff that they serve.

    Best of all she treated me like I was human rather than just an addict calling for help. She was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about me and my situation. She also made sure that I understood everything and took her time. The call wasn’t at all rushed. I didn’t feel like I was a number to her, I felt like she understood what I was going through and could help.

  3. Al

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    The person I spoke to explained that I would need to go through detoxification They said they would help me through withdrawal and make sure that I didn’t relapse. They also said that with the backing of St. Lukes, they could treat anything else that was wrong with me. They assured me that I would be monitored while I was in detox so that they could catch any problems right away. I feel confident that that the Worthmore center can help me after talking to them for a little while.

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