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What Does it Really Mean to be Cocaine Addicted?

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What it really means to be cocaine addicted encompasses many things. Being addicted means that you will think, say, feel, and do things that you would not if you were not an addict. These are not pretty or glamorous because there is nothing pretty about a cocaine addiction.

Being a Cocaine Addict Means you Stop Caring about Everything Except Cocaine

You stop caring about:

  • Your family
  • Your friends who do not use cocaine
  • The people who love you who do not use
  • Your job
  • Your life
  • Your health
  • Your home
  • Your sanity
Cocaine Addicted

As an addict, cocaine takes top priority in your life.

If you are addicted to cocaine, the only things that matter are:

  • Finding the cocaine
  • Getting the cocaine
  • Doing the cocaine
  • Where you can find more cocaine

Essentially nothing matters except the drug.

Being Addicted to Cocaine Means you Lose the Things that Matter to you

Once you stop caring about everything except the drug, you begin to lose everything that used to matter. You lose:

  • Your money
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your job
  • Your self-respect
  • Your looks
  • Everything that you’ve worked for before you started using cocaine

The only thing you do not lose is your dealer, unless of course you cannot pay him.

Being a Cocaine Addict Means You will do Anything to Get Cocaine

Once you are addicted, you will engage in behaviors you never dreamed you would. In order to get that next high you will:

  • Engage in sex for drugs
  • Drive while you are high or incapacitated because you are crashing or in withdrawal
  • Sell your possessions
  • Lie
  • Steal

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Being a Cocaine Addict Means After you Do Cocaine you Immediately Want More

Cocaine is a very powerful euphoric high; unfortunately, it is also a very powerful crash. When you are addicted to cocaine, you use more and more of the cocaine because you do not want to come down.

Being Addicted to Cocaine Means that you Probably will Binge on it

The first time you use cocaine you will feel wonderful during the first few hits, then there is a rapid drop off. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this behavior is a result of a term called “chasing the high”. This creates a situation where you binge on cocaine that can rapidly lead to an overdose.

Being Addicted to Cocaine Means Sometimes you Don’t Know you are Addicted

You might suspect, others might have told you, but you don’t consider yourself a cocaine addict. It is not until something bad happens that you ever realize that cocaine addiction is a big problem in your life.

What it Really Means to be Cocaine Addicted is that you Need Treatment

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, cocaine is responsible for approximately 7 percent of hospital admissions and over 4 million people try cocaine every year. It is possible to become addicted the first time you use cocaine. If you are addicted to cocaine, it means that you need help to get off the cocaine. You can find the right treatment center for you by calling 800-654-0987.