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How Cocaine Overdose Treatment Works

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It is difficult to recognize the signs of a cocaine overdose or know what to do in cocaine related emergency. Unlike other drugs, cocaine overdose can become very dangerous very quickly.  If you are likely to overdose or you are close to someone who is there are a few things you need to know about how cocaine overdose treatment works.

Recognizing Cocaine Overdose

The first thing you need to know in order to understand cocaine overdose is how to recognize cocaine overdose in yourself or someone else.

There are a number of very obvious symptoms of cocaine overdose, including:

Cocaine Overdose Treatment

Extreme panic and angry outbursts are symptoms of cocaine overdose.

  • irregular or stopped breathing
  • severe chest pains due to high blood pressure and accelerated heart rate
  • heavy sweating because of dangerously high body temperature
  • cardiac arrest
  • extreme paranoia or panic
  • agitation or angry outbursts that are uncharacteristic
  • hallucinations or delirium
  • muscle tremors
  • seizures

The best thing to do is to avoid these horrible symptoms entirely and get treatment for cocaine use before an overdose happens.

What to Tell the Paramedic or Emergency Personnel

A cocaine overdose can happen suddenly and is extremely dangerous and life threatening. It also includes long-term consequences that need to be avoided.

According to the National Library of Medicine, these include:

  • strokes
  • paralysis
  • damage to extremities requiring amputation
  • brain damage
  • severe chronic mental illness
  • kidney or heart failure

These consequences are less likely with the proper treatment. It is important to inform emergency medical responders that the individual involved used cocaine. It is also important to state what type of cocaine was used, how it was introduced to the body, and how much was consumed.

This information is essential to getting the overdosing person the help that they need. If you are using cocaine and want to avoid the dangers of overdose, call us at 800-654-0987 and let us help you find the treatment you need today.

What Happens in the Emergency Room

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine was involved in over 400,000 emergency room visits in the year 2009, alone. Patients presenting symptoms of cocaine overdose can look forward to a number medical treatments performed in an effort to save their lives, such as:

  • having a tube forced down their throat to help them breathe
  • having needles full of drugs pushed into their hearts to stabilize their heart rate
  • being shocked with a defibrillator to restart their heart if it stops

To escape these procedures seek treatment for cocaine use before it’s too late.

After Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatment for overdose will not guarantee that you do not keep having issues with cocaine use moving forward. It also does not help you avoid overdosing again. The only way to truly reduce the risk of overdose and death is to seek treatment for cocaine abuse and addiction. Call us at 800-654-0987, and we can help you find the treatment that best fits your needs.