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5 Warning Signs of Cocaine Addiction

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There isn’t any one way to spot a cocaine addict that is set in stone. There are many different warning signs of cocaine addiction to look for. When you believe that your loved one or a friend is using cocaine, it best to keep your eyes open and be careful before you just go up to them and ask them directly about their problem. Here we will discuss 5 warning signs of a cocaine addiction that they may be experiencing.

1. Nosebleeds

One of the most common warning signs of cocaine addiction is nosebleeds. Nosebleeds occur often because the drug destroys the membranes inside of their nose. This can lead to severe nosebleeds. It is also very common for a cocaine addict to have a stuffy or runny nose. You will often hear them sniffing, wiping or blowing their nose. These symptoms can then lead to the skin around the nose to be very tender, painful and red. They will often give the excuse that they have a bad cold that they are having trouble getting rid of when they want to hide their drug addiction.

signs of cocaine addiction

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2. Crash

According to the US National Library of Medicine, after a cocaine addict goes on a long cocaine binge, their body will wear out and they will want to crash. Crashing is another one of the common warning signs of cocaine addiction. Once they have came down their high, they will become very tired and then become sleepy. They will often sleep for very long periods of time. It is common for a cocaine addict to sleep for about 24 hours straight during their crash period.

3. Distant From Loved Ones

Another one of the major warning signs of cocaine addiction is when the person becomes very distant from love ones. The drug will overtake their life and the ones that were once important become 2nd priority to their addiction. An addict will also start to loose interests in hobbies and interests they once had before. Once addicted to the drug they may not have any interest or thought of wanting to do these activities or enjoying time with their loved ones.

4. Financial Problems

Cocaine is a very expensive drug that can cause the addict major financial problems. Signs of cocaine addiction is when the person starts getting disconnection and eviction notices. This person could have been very responsible with their money at once but now they spend their money on the drug. If the addict has dependents, you may also see their kids being neglected and not having the food and clothing that they need or once had. It is also very common for a cocaine addict to sell their own possessions or loved ones possessions at very deep discount so they can get the money to supply the cocaine they need to feed their addiction.

5. Paranoid / Panic

Becoming very paranoid and starting to panic for no reason are another couple signs of cocaine addiction. When the person is on the drug, their mind won’t work properly and make them think that everyone is out to get them. This paranoia can lead to other problems such as violence and anger. They will often close themselves off from people they once were very close to. It is also common for them not be seen in public and not want to be in large crowds of people.

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