What You’ll Never Know Unless You’ve Actually Been Addicted

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 09/20/2021
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Whether you think you know something about addiction or not, there are certain things that you simply cannot understand unless you have been the victim on the pain and suffering that is an addiction and which only an addict could possibly know. Cravings, withdrawal and the underlying stronghold that an addiction to powerful painkillers or other opiates can have on a user are simply too much to bring to light without the individual actually experiencing the symptoms for him or herself. Here are some of the things that you simple won’t know unless you have actually suffered from addiction yourself:

Relief Seeking Turns into Buzz Seeking

Initially an addict may take a prescription drug as a means of gaining some sort of relief from pain or suffering that is making it difficult for him or her to function normally. Unfortunately, the relief seeking that begins with no real harm done, eventually turns into seeking a high that can only be felt using the drugs that once provided relief from a legitimate ailment. When seeking relief from pain or suffering turns into seeking a buzz, addiction is truly eminent and a real problem.

Cravings Equal Complete Destruction

Only an addict fully understands the cravings that occur for his or her drug of choice. Outsiders wonder, “Why can’t you just stop? Why do you let a craving take over your plan to say sober?” to the addict, cravings are controlling and they can lead to complete destruction. The cravings that are felt when a drug is not available can rule the actions, thought processes and behaviors of the addict until he or she gains access to the drugs that are being sought. Only an addict can truly understand how severe these cravings actually are.

Withdrawal Is Terrible

Family and friends often tell the addict that he or she “isn’t trying hard enough,” or “doesn’t want to get sober badly enough.” Some of this may be true, some of the time, but most of the time it’s a fear of withdrawal and the inability to effectively cope with cravings that cause the most havoc in the life of the addict. Withdrawal is a devastating reaction to addiction and although it is rarely a deadly situation, it could feel like death for the user. Only an addict who has truly experienced withdrawal can explain the actual devastating that occurs when the substance is not available for use.