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Addiction Treatment

Suboxone Detox

For some, Suboxone provides a medication replacement therapy that works to effectively eliminate addiction to opiates such as heroin, methadone or other similar drugs. Unfortunately, for others, Suboxone is a habit forming drug that leads to addiction and the need for detox. Suboxone detox is much like opiate detox and can cause many difficult to cope with side effects. Because a Suboxone is a partial opiate, the detoxification process can be a long and difficult journey plagued by many ups and downs.

Traditional detox methods are not always effective at helping patients to overcome a physical dependence on Suboxone. This is because those who wind up addicted to Suboxone find themselves suffering from this addiction as a result of their use of the drug to overcome an even worse addiction to an opiate such as heroin. Many times, those who do require detox from Suboxone find that the process takes many months and often leads to relapse within the first year.

Help for Suboxone Addicts

If Suboxone addiction does occur, there are ways that the patient can be helped. Suboxone detox will take place over many months and should not include the use of other drugs which could lead to additional physical dependence. Exercise, counseling, rest and alternative therapies are often useful in reducing the withdrawal symptoms associated with Suboxone detox and tapering the drug off can reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms or the severity of these symptoms.

The method of tapering off the use of Suboxone slowly will reduce the cravings without producing extreme withdrawal symptoms that are difficult for the patient to cope with. This method is highly effective at helping patients who are addicted to other opiates as well and can often be used instead of adding a medication replacement therapy into the mix. Depending on the dose of Suboxone that the patient is accustomed to taking, tapering the dose off may take a few weeks or it could take a few months or more. Talk with your doctor or therapist about the best method of tapering the drug off to reduce withdrawal symptoms during Suboxone detox.

Recovery from Suboxone Addiction

As with any other substance abuse problem, recovery begins with a safe and effective method of detox. In order to make a full recovery from Suboxone addiction, patients must effective rid themselves of the physical dependence that they have on the drug in preparation for psychological counseling that will teach them how to resist cravings, change their thought processes and ultimately learn new behaviors that do not include the use of opiates or other substances such as Suboxone as part of a daily routine.

If you or someone you know is using Suboxone as a replacement therapy and needs help, talk with an addiction specialist today about your needs and find out how Suboxone detox can help you.