Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Common Recovery Elements Described by Addicts

For the addict, recovery can mean having a safe, stable, supportive, and drug-free home while being able to work, go to school, or take care of their obligations to their children, families, and in society. It includes building the confidence to accomplish goals, independence, internalizing the hopes for the things they value most without the interference of drugs, and making informed healthy lifestyle choices that support their overall wellbeing.

In a survey study by the Alcohol Research Group, 99% of the respondents reported the following elements essential for recovery:

  • Being honest with myself
  • Being able to enjoy life without drinking or using drugs like I used to
  • Handling negative feelings without using drugs or drinking like I used to
  • Changing the way I think through things
  • Not replacing one destructive dependency with another
  • Taking care of my mental health more than I did before
  • A realistic appraisal of my abilities & my limitations
  • Being able to deal with situations that used to stump me

And, the following elements for “enriched recovery”:

  • A process of growth & development
  • Taking responsibility for the things I can change
  • Reacting to life’s ups & downs in a more balanced way than I used to
  • Living a life that contributes to society, to your family, or to your betterment
  • Having tools to try to feel inner peace when I need to
  • Developing inner strength
  • Taking care of my physical health more than I did before
  • Learning how to get the kind of support from others that I need

Last, but not least, the respondents reported “being grateful” as the most important element to their spiritual recovery.