10 Signs You Need to Go to a Drug Alcohol Treatment Center

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In 2013 around 22 million people over the age of 12 need some form of alcohol or drug treatment. Unfortunately, it is difficult to recognize the signs that you or someone you love may need to go into a drug alcohol treatment center. Many people are so completely wrapped up in their addiction that they do not see the signs that something is very wrong in their lives. Here are 10 signs that you or someone you love might need to get help from a treatment facility.

You are not able to control taking drugs or drinking

You may start at one drink or one pill but that one turns into more and more. Even though you promise yourself or others that you will not drink or do your drug of choice, when it is around you take it almost automatically. Thoughts like, taking one will not hurt, overpower your will.

You neglect your job

Many people lose their jobs due to their addiction. Absences, tardiness, or poor performance due to hangovers, drug use, taking drugs in the morning before work, or being intoxicated at work is a huge sign that drug or alcohol use is out of control. If you have received multiple workings or lose your job because of your drug use, it might be time to seek a treatment facility.

You neglect your family and friends

People addicted to drugs or alcohol pull away from those close to them or those close to them pull away from them. Drug use can cause multiple problems with family and friends, particularly if they do not use drugs themselves. Your behavior while intoxicated may offend or disturb the people around you. You might need a treatment facility if family or friends have:

  • asked you to stop using drugs or alcohol,
  • stopped inviting you to their homes, parties, or gatherings,
  • avoided you on numerous occasions, or
  • recommended a treatment facility or doctor for your drug use.

Also if you find that you no longer call or talk to the friends that do not use and distance yourself from your family, talking to a doctor about drug treatment might help.

You have blackouts

A blackout is a period where no long term memories are formed. This is very dangerous and damaging to relationships at times. Blackouts can happen even if you do not drink or use a lot. It is a sign that the brain is telling you there is a problem. If you drink or use to the point of blacking out and do not stop or moderate your drinking or drug use treatment you probably need treatment.

You go into withdrawal or have used drugs to prevent withdrawal

Some drug and alcohol users go into withdrawal if they try to stop. Withdrawal from alcohol and some drugs is extremely dangerous. It can cause seizures, heart attacks, and respiratory distress. All of these things can seriously injure you or result in death. It is important to seek help if you use a drug that causes these withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal is particularly dangerous and life threatening. Medical supervision is often necessary for withdrawal.

You have legal difficulties due to drugs or alcohol

If you have received a DUI, been arrested for possession, or done something illegal while on drugs or alcohol, it might be time to seek treatment. Legal issues due to drug use is a classic sign that the use is out of control. The courts might recommend a treatment program as part of your sentence. In addition, the legal ramifications do not end with an arrest or court order. It may be necessary to continue counseling for probation.

Life revolves around drug use

All of the activities you did when you were not using are no longer pleasurable. Your life bends to the endless cycle of waking up, figuring out how to acquire drugs, acquiring the drugs, and doing the drugs. There is little time for anything else. Nothing else matters and it seems to be a full time job.

You are no longer healthy

Drugs and alcohol take their toll on the body. The face of a drug user looks sallow and pale. Depending on the drug, it might be bright red in the case of alcohol or pocked with sores in the case of amphetamine use. Your body might not function as it once did and you may have health problems such as unusual bleeding, poor digestion, loss of appetite, or insomnia.

Lying to cover drinking or drug use

Lying about drinking or drug use is one of the key signs that there is a problem. Most people do not have to hide having a drink or mild drug use around their friends and family. It is not normal to feel that you have to conceal what you are doing. Usually when you find yourself lying to cover for it, it is because you suspect or were told you have a problem.

You are doing things that you once felt is wrong to get drugs

If you are doing things such as trading possessions or other things for drugs, you should seek counseling. Doing things that you once considered wrong such as prostitution or stealing to get drugs is a very clear sign that drug alcohol treatment center is needed.

These are all signs that you should seek drug treatment. Many rehab facilities offer counseling and medical support to get your life back on track. According to the National Institute on Drug abuse, the key to rehabilitation is taking care of all of the symptoms as well as the disease that is drug abuse.