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Recognizing Alcohol Addiction Symptoms Early

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There are many different signs for recognizing alcohol addiction symptoms early on. They can vary from person to person, depending on the person reaction to the alcohol and their personality. Many of the symptoms can become more increasingly severe over time. It is very important to try to catch the signs before they become so severe that it will become harder to handle and treat.

Financial Troubles

When recognizing alcohol addiction symptoms early, one of the first signs can be financial troubles. Often alcohol can be very expensive depending on the type of alcohol the person is consuming. They may start to have troubles paying their bills and they may start having disconnection notices. The addict will often try to hide their problem and ask for small loans here and there from family and friends.


alcohol addiction symptoms

Alcohol addiction can cause both weight loss and weight gain.

One of the alcohol addiction symptoms that can be recognized early on is when you notice that someone you care for may be able to tolerate more alcohol than they were able to before. It may take more alcohol than normal before for they start showing signs of intoxication. They may try to play it off or say that the drink wasn’t made that strong.

Behavioral Issues

According to the US National Library of Medicine, there are many different behavioral issues that can be an early dedication when looking for alcohol addiction symptoms. The person may experience a loss of interest in activities that they once enjoyed. For many people when the effect of alcohol starts to wear off, they may start to experience withdrawal symptoms. They may also start to become isolated and not want their family and friends to be near them. They also may be stressing the privacy issue and always want to have their doors locked so you can’t come in.

Anxiety Issues

When looking for alcohol addiction symptoms is important to watch if the person becomes very anxious or jumpy. Some other symptoms can be trembling, nausea, depression and irritability. Some alcoholics will also try to drink more to overcome the feeling of being withdrawn, anxious or depressed.

Health Problems

In some more severe instances, the alcohol addiction symptoms can be more life threatening. They may start to hallucinate, become severely confused or even start to experience seizures without any past medical problems. Also, their eyes may appear bloodshot and their pupils are smaller or larger than normal. If they have recently became a heavy drinker, then the smell of alcohol may be on their body. It may come out through their sweat, on their clothes and on their breath. Weight loss is another one of the common alcohol addiction symptoms that can occur. They may either have major weight gain from the calorie intake in the alcohol or they may experience a lot of weight loss from a loss of appetite.

De-Stressing With Alcohol

Often when people become addicted to alcohol they will use it has a release for everyday stress they are dealing with. They may come home after work and want to drink. The alcohol helps them forget about whatever it may be upsetting or overwhelming them, so they can be relaxed for a while.

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