AmeriHealth Insurance Coverage for Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 08/8/2019

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Heroin addiction is a crippling disease that slowly takes over your life and ruins it. Expect to face adverse outcomes in every area of your life: social, occupational, emotional, mental, physical, financial, etc. You know that treatment is the solution to the problem. You need qualified, structured treatment.

You have already experienced the negative consequences associated with your compulsive need to use heroin, but if you continue to put off treatment, you run the risk of ending your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opiates resulted in the deaths of 28,000 people in 2014. This marks the highest death rate of any previous year on record. With professional treatment, your risk of death reduces dramatically.

But, will your AmeriHealth insurance policy cover your treatment? Rest assured that AmeriHealth has ages of experience providing medical insurance coverage in a variety of circumstances, including heroin addiction treatment. Of course, the coverage will vary because of policy types and your location.

What Kind of Rehab Will AmeriHealth Insurance Cover?

Although, treatment options also include detox, aftercare, and physician or therapist led options, the two primary types of heroin addiction treatment programs are:

You can depend upon your primary physician to evaluate your case and make a recommendation. In most instances, AmeriHealth covers both forms of heroin addiction treatment. However, there are exceptions.  You will want to understand the pros and cons of the two forms of treatment before beginning to lean toward one model over the other.

Inpatient care involves living at the facility where you are being treated. You eat there, sleep there, go to therapy there, etc. One benefit is that this allows you to leave behind all of the temptations that you face in your daily life, all of the environmental and social cues that make you want to use heroin. The National Institute on Drug Abuse summarizes inpatient care as “24-hour structured and intensive care, including safe housing and medical attention.”

In outpatient care, on the other hand, you only enter the facility when you are being treated. You attend therapy there but eat and sleep in a place of your choosing. This allows you to continue attending school, going to work, and communicating with your support system. This is great for people who cannot, for whatever, reason be away from their daily life. This is also the less expensive option.

How will AmeriHealth Insurance Coverage Affect My Decision to Get Treatment Out of State or Remain Local?

The difference in coverage offered locally and out-of-state depend upon the idea of in-network and out-of-network designations. In-network programs have contracted with the insurer. This contract will stipulate the amount that you can be charged and the amount that will be covered by AmeriHealth. The lowest prices will be in-network, generally local.

But, if your policy covers out-of-network treatment programs for your heroin addiction, you may choose to distance yourself fully from your daily life and take refuge in a more solitary relationship with your rehab. But, unless you are willing to pay the bulk of the costs associated with treatment, verify that your policy covers out of state care. If not, stay local and use your benefits.

Will AmeriHealth Insurance Cover Luxury or Private Treatment?

Residential, or inpatient, can range from sterile dormitories to luxurious resort settings. Upscale or luxury rehab offers amenities and an emphasis on style that you won’t find in an average heroin addiction treatment program. These are the places that the rich and famous go to recover from addiction.

AmeriHealth typically does not cover this sort of treatment. Although, your plan just might. It’s worth checking. However, as inviting as a luxury rehab sounds, the truly important thing is whether or not it works. Don’t spend time looking for a place that gives massages. Look for one that has a proven record of results.

It is the right time for you to go into heroin addiction treatment and your AmeriHealth insurance coverage will help to cover the cost associated with it. Give us a call today to find out exactly what level of coverage you can expect from your policy.