American Family Insurance Coverage for Heroin Addiction Treatment

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When you or someone you love is struggling with heroin addiction, it takes a toll on every facet of life. There are negative consequences in the areas of physical and mental health, employment stability, personal relationships, and potentially the justice system. There comes a time when the heroin use needs to stop and professional, structured treatment is the only answer.

Without treatment, there is a serious risk of becoming another overdose statistic. There has been a six-fold increase in the number of heroin overdose deaths between 2001 and 2014. Overdose is so common among heroin addicts and it’s a risk that can be avoided with treatment.

Insurance provider American Family Insurance has decades of experience offering medical coverage in many different fields, one of which may be covered for heroin addiction treatment. Coverage will vary, depending upon the type of policy you hold and the state in which you live. The following will give you an overview of some aspects of coverage, but you will want to call and speak to an expert who can determine specific coverage for your situation.

What Types of Rehab Will American Family Insurance Cover?

The two main types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are:

When you enter into inpatient care, you reside at the treatment facility and receive all of your care during your stay in that location. This can be a great way to distance yourself from people, places, and circumstances in your life that make you want to use it. Examples of inpatient care include:

  • Therapeutic communities
  • Shorter-term residential treatment
  • Recovery housing

Outpatient care on the other hand, takes places at a facility as well, but you don’t live there. After each session of rehab, you get to leave and return to your home and your job or schooling. This is a great option for people who want to remain close to their support system or cannot afford to take time away from their life. This option is less expensive.

A doctor can recommend an option or you can continue researching and make an educated decision on your own. Generally, both types of care are covered, although there can be exceptions.

Should I Remain Local or Can I Seek Treatment Out of State?

Generally, only local facilities fall into an insurance’s network because these are programs that have contracted with the insurance company. The shared contract determines the amount they are allowed to charge people with American Family Insurance. The lowest prices will be local.

However, if your plan covers out of network providers, you may feel more settled placing some distance between your life and your rehabilitation. Be sure to verify completely whether or not out of state treatment is covered. If not, local care is the option you should pursue. This will allow you to use your insurance benefits.

What Treatment Lengths Are Covered by American Family Insurance?

American Family Insurance is well aware that different addictions require different lengths of treatment. Determining factors in the length of stay covered include the type of policy you hold and the deductible it carries. Standard lengths of residential (inpatient) care include:

  • 28-30 days: this generally covers both detox and a treatment phase
  • 60 days: this best treats addiction that requires a bit more care than the shorter period and allows for therapy to have a bit more depth
  • 90 days: this length of stay allows treatment to delve into some underlying roots of the addiction

Will American Family Insurance Cover Luxury or Private Treatment?

There are rehab centers that offer additional amenities than you would normally receive and that focus on the look and feel of the treatment center itself. These are the types of upscale facilities that celebrity addicts attend. American Family Insurance generally does not cover these types of treatment, although it is always wise to double check your policy just in case. What you should really focus on is whether or not the program has a record of positive results. If so, check your provider options.

Is it the right time for rehab? Let assist you in making the most of your American Family Insurance coverage.